It is time to revel in the joy of creating art.

The art of pottery is often therapeutic and relaxing. This thoughtful, artistic activity can open your mind and relieve you of outside worries. 

Our workshops are focused on playfully smearing mud where hands will learn to keep up with the mind through shaping creativity in clay.

Join our pottery workshops and let the magic of clay captivate you to create art in diverse shapes as you like. It includes various elements of wheelwork, hand building, preparing the clay-wedging, centring, pulling, glazing and firing.

Join our Pottery Workshops

Aged asian woman and young asian woman making a ceramic bowl together in the creative handicraft workshop. cropped image

One Day Wheel Pottery Workshop

Get a chance to Play with Clay! Try your hands on wheel throwing or hand-building and understand how your favourite handmade pieces are actually made! Introduction to the pottery process. You can enter the world filled with excitement and have fun playing with clay. You can create a pot of your choice with the help of the instructor

A female potter coaching a young female to making a ceramic cup on potter's wheel. Hands moulding clay cropped image

Two Weeks Pottery Workshop

Get a chance to dive into the magical world of clay! A customised learning workshop where you learn all about the basics of throwing on the potter's wheel. You’d have a chance to practice and fine-tune your skill for any number of hours at your convenience. As per your adaptability to the skill, you'd be covering centring, making cylinders, bowls, and more

close-up. pottery. hands sculpt dishes. bali

One Month Pottery Workshop

Get a chance to celebrate the world of clay! A rigorous monthly course on building skills in pottery. We'd be covering cylinders, bowls, plates, and jars. Entirely dependent on adaptability. Perfect for people who would be seriously interested in pursuing pottery.

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